Fumebianas No. 3

Fumebianas No. 3 is a piece for piano solo composed as a requirement for Composition Seminar, advised by Paulo C. Chagas, University of California, Riverside. Fumebianas is a group of works based upon the context of Mestre Bimba’s Capoeira Regional, from Salvador, Bahia. During his PhD research in Brazil, the composer inferred several ideas about music and movement into this context, achieving an effort to create a musical universe that can propose a dialogue between sonorities from Brazilian Capoeira and the contemporary concert music. In Fumebianas No. 3 there is a specific dialectic relationship between this context and some sonorities extracted from Molton Feldman’s work called Piano (1977). Here, Feldman’s ideas are playing with songs, rhythms, ideas, and textures derived from Capoeira’s music and movement.

The score is available in the section “works”.

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